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Welsh Slate is recognised by many as the best quality roofing slate in the world, giving you a roof that will last more than a lifetime. Welsh Slate produces two main roofing slates, Penrhyn slate is quarried from the Bethesda quarry in north Wales, whilst Cwt Y bugail slate is quarried from the Ffestiniog quarry in north Wales.

Our natural welsh slates unique physical properties have been tested for hundreds of years by the harshest climates imaginable, showing its incredibly durability.

The Difference Between Our Penrhyn and Cwt Y Bugail Welsh Slates

Penrhyn slate is produced from a fine-grained slate deposit laid down over 500 million years ago in the Cambrian period and comes from the Penrhyn quarry, one of the largest slate quarries in the world. The properties of the Penrhyn slate allow it to be split into thin sheets whilst still retain its strength and unparalleled durability.

Cwt Y Bugail slate is produced from the Ordovician slate beds laid down over 470 million years ago and comes from the Cwt-y-Bugail slate quarry in Ffestiniog, North Wales, which is currently the highest industrial site in the UK. The slate has a distinctive banding known as relic bedding and gives an extremely uniform unfading appearance on the roof.

Different Sizes of Welsh Slates Available By Premium Slates UK

Cwt Y Bugail is a blue grey slate, available in

20″: 12″ – 500 x 300MM

20″: 10″ – 500 X 250MM

16″: 10″ – 400 X 250MM

16″: 8″ – 400 X 200MM

12″: 8″ – 300 X 200MM

Penrhyn slate is Heather blue, available in

20″: 12″ – 500 X 300MM

18″: 10″ – 455 X 250MM

16″: 10″ – 400 X 250MM

12″: 8″ – 300 X 200MM

Common FAQ’s Before You Buy Welsh Slates Online?

There are many frequently asked questions from our clients regarding Welsh slates, and we’re here to answer them for you.

Is Heather Blue a blue slates or blue in colour? Although it has blue in the name, this slate is actually purple in colour, which is very rare within this industry.

Can you get Welsh slates in a range of different thickness? Yes, you can! Welsh slates are available in three different thickness grades to suit the project requirements: Capital, County and Celtic.

Capital Grade is the thinnest production Cwt-y-Bugail Welsh Slate at 5.5 mm. County Grade is the main production thickness at Welsh Slate at 7 mm thick. Celtic Grade is the thickest of Welsh Slates production at 9 mm.

What are the benefits of Welsh slate? It is the most durable slate in the world, with a guaranteed productive life of more than 100 years. It is waterproof and unaffected by normal extremes of temperature, highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals and it is colour-fast and non-fading, even in UV light.

How Do I Order Welsh Slates For My Roof?

At Premium Slates UK, we aim to continually add premium quality products at competitive prices, and stride for excellent customer service. We will always go the extra mile in making sure you’re happy throughout the whole process, whether you’re a first-time builder, doing a conversion or a professional contractor.

If you want to find out more about our natural welsh slates, get in touch with us by emailing hello@premiumslatesuk.com or ringing 0161 549 9675 and we will be happy to help.

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