Spanish Slate vs Welsh Slate

Spanish Slate vs Welsh Slate

There is plenty of choice in today’s market when it comes to the geography of your preferred roof slate. Here in the UK, you can order slate that was quarried in foreign climbs such as Spain or even as far away as Brazil or China. Alternatively, you can stick to domestic products produced right here in Great Britain.

Most commonly on our shores, you will find Welsh or Spanish slate used for roofing. So what is the difference between these two options and why are they so popular? 



Welsh Slate is known as being among the very best in the market today and is often referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of roof slates! There has been a roofing slate industry in Wales and England since the 12th century and since then the Welsh production of quality slates has become a fine art developed over hundreds of years.

Of the slate extracted from all of the world’s best deposits Welsh slate is the oldest commonly available on the market, having formed over half a billion years ago, which has led to it being one of the densest slates you’ll find.

Welsh slate is durable,100% water resistant, and will not be harmed by UV light over time!



Given that we quarry such an amazing product within our borders you might be tempted to think that slate from Spain or elsewhere would be less common than our domestic slates. Well, the reality is that it is estimated 75% of slates used today across the world originate in Spain! Here in the UK, Spanish slates have been used in more than 80% of slate roofs.

Even in the face of the rain, wind and storms that can be expected from British weather, Spanish roof slates have performed well for centuries. 

There are many variations of this slate, but here at Premium Slates UK, we have simplified your choice to three brands – Ferlosa (grey), Liso (blue/grey) & Lousaval Cafersa Lousaval (Dark blue/grey).

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