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Looking at creating a Slate Roof?

We offer the latest services available to accommodate your Slate Roof projects needs, whether that’s bespoke holing, calculating slate quantity’s or helping to produce a specific shape or pattern.

Premium Slates UK have the facilities and machinery to achieve whatever your goals and requirements are.


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Beautiful and Durable

Natural Roofing Slates have been used for centuries and are a favourite material for both Architects and Roofers across the country, purely down to the aesthetic appeal and lifespan of the slates often out performing it’s cheaper alternatives.

Huge Choice of Styles & Options

Every roofing slate we supply has been hand picked due to there properties. This could be price, texture and/or colour. All slates are Fully compliant under B.S. EN12326-1:2004 as A1,T1,S1 

Texture can affect athestics of a roof aswell as the cost, Such as:-

We supply ultra smooth slates such as the Burlington, Welsh and Brazilian slates

Compared to the Lightly Riven Textured slates such as Ferlosa ,Cafersa LV11 and Liso slates.

Our range of slates varies dramatically in colour from greys, blue-greys, graphite, purple, and green. We have handpicked this range to give you a huge variety to choice from.

All of our slates are premium quality however we offer a spectrum of different priced slates so we have an option to fit every budget. Our Spanish & Brazilian range are the most cost effective with the ultra premium slates being the Welsh and Burlington. Which are world renowned for being the best slates on the market. Therefore we offer slates that fit all budgets, Do you have a budget? get in touch today to discuss your options..

Our main Services

Premium Slates Uk pride ourselves on being able to help you build your dream Slate Roof, whether your a first time builder, doing a conversion or a professional contractor. Some of the additional services we offer are:-

For decades now our team of highly skilled craftsman have been hand cutting slates to create beautiful patterned slate roofs. If this is something that interests you please get in contact to discuss further.

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Shaping Service

Have an architectural Drawing? and would prefer us to calculate how many slates you need, why not use our FREE no obligation take-off quantity calculator service. We will be able to give you a detailed list regardless of how complex your roof is.  Including batten plan and all the information you will need.

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Take off Service

Do you have a specific look your trying to achieve but traditional holing  and batten position’s need altering?. Why not use our holing & coursing service, we can position the holes where you want them for majority of the slates we supply. Then we will create a batten plan for you to achieve the head lap and look your after. Excludes Spanish slates as they arrive pre-holed.

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Holing & Coursing Service

Slate Roof Essential Accessories

We also supply two types of Ridge tiles with multiple angle options and copper & Aluminium nails

Ridge Tiles

Two different types of ridge tiles available, first is a Marley Eternit capped ridge tile and the other is a CS Cr2 mechanically fixed clay Ridge tile. Check them out below.

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Copper & Aluminium Clout Nails

Both types of nails available in all sizes, Aluminium is slightly less expensive than copper however Copper has better properties. Check them out below.

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Customers feedback

Our main goal as a business is to help you achieve the Slate Roof you want on time and to the standards you deserve. Most importantly we pride ourselves on customer service and will always go the extra mile in making sure your happy throughout the whole process.

Mr J Prodlett we found the staff here super helpful.

Mrs S Obermann excellent service throughout

Mr J Darwin Price matched a competitor and delivered next day, very happy.

Mr K Wilson Easy to talk too even when you dont know the names of parts, we got sorted in the end.

Mr J Johnson I re-roofed the garage this year after i did the house last year and i used these guys again fantastic service and even helped draw out the plan- for free!

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