At Premium Slates UK, we pride ourselves on giving you the best possible service including fast delivery turn-around times. This includes offering 24 hour and 48 hour delivery options.

We carry over 1,000,000 slates is stock. However, it isn’t uncommon that some slates may be on back order from the quarries. Our 48/24 hr service begins once they have either arrived on site or from our own stock. Please check before ordering to make sure the slates are in stock if needed urgently. We can not be responsible for unexpected delays or shortages.

Transport Policy

All orders are subject to a delivery quote. Our quote is based off the product you have selected to buy, its total weight and the location it’s being delivered too. Once your order has been received we can accurately provide you with a delivery quote. (unless you purchase through the online shop which delivery costs will be automatically calculated).

All customers will receive a call from a member of staff post ordering to discuss access to the property. We feel its really important we do this to make sure your experience with us is flawless and our staff are fully aware of what to expect upon delivery.

  • Telephone orders allow us to speed up the process by allowing us to ask all the relevant questions in regards to processing the delivery costs quickly and efficiently. If you would like to order via telephone please call 0161 250 9365


  • Email orders are accepted and we will respond with a online Invoice.  Once you have thoroughly checked the invoice is correct and has made payment, we will make contact and arrange delivery as planned. If you would like to order via email. Please email us on


  • Online orders have a built in delivery calculator which will automatically calculate your delivery costs. This calculator is under the assumption that access to the property is easily accessible and is for Kirb side Drop off as standard. During checkout you will have the option to either choose 48hr or 24hr delivery. Please note if you don’t require your order urgently it is absolutely fine to specify a date and time you would like your order to be delivered on and we will be in contact to confirm your requirements. We will contact you immediately after placing your order to go through your delivery requirements. 

*Please note Premium Slates UK hold the right to cancel an order if the delivery costs provided are increased due to issues arising. Such as the inability to access the site and any further issues such as Double yellow lines, low bridges, red routes, narrow lanes which are impassable, steep hills and built-up areas unsuitable for large vehicles. Premium Slates UK also expects a level of willingness from the customer in aiding with the unloading of the product whether this is manually or using there own heavy equipment if qualified to do so, such as a forklift etc.

*The delivery costs are difficult to calculate until an order is being processed due to slates being a natural material and the difficulty in quantifying an orders weight consistently, we there for use allot of  mediums/ averages to calculate our delivery costs, rarely its possible we need to increase the costs of delivery due to conditions outside of our control such as :- “batches of slates weighing more than others there for costing more to deliver”. In the event of a order needing to have its delivery costs increased we will do our upmost to lower the impact on the customer as much as possible, and we will discuss this thoroughly with the customer to discuss the best ways forward.

* In the event a customer chooses not to pay the agreed additional costs then Premium Slates UK has the right to cancel & refuse the order and refund the customer in full.

 Delivery Instructions

If you would like to advise us of anything important, such as a specific times or date you may require or simple direction instructions. Please add this to the special requests box during checkout or call us on 0161 250 9365


Accepting your delivery

Once you order arrives on site, please inspect your items thoroughly. By accepting delivery we deem the items are at a satisfactory standard.

If any items are damaged please contact us immediately on 0161 250 9365 or email us on and do not accept delivery.

*Please note slates in general are a hand split natural product, these are deemed normal for the type of material:-

warping– if a slate is slightly uneven this isn’t a defect and isn’t deemed damaged. It’s very important to calculate an additional wastage amount of 5-10% to accommodate for these naturally occurring shapes. If you feel there are a significant amount of slates that are unusable then please contact us immediately and we will discuss options moving forward.

Pyrite– if Pyrite is visible which is possible with in a few slates in large quantities. All our slates come as T1 standard (declaration of performance) , this means that the Pyrite is stable, you will not see any form of rust bleeding down the slates. They have no affect of the quality of the slate or durability and are completely harmless. We actually see them as beautiful natural occurrence.

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