What are Slate and Halfs? and why are they important?

What are Slate and Halfs?. A Slate and half is literally a whole slate with half the width added on. For example, a standard 500mm x 250mm slate would require a 500mm x 375mm slate and half. The purpose of a slate and half is so you can offset your pattern precisely and accurately.

In the picture, you can see by the arrows which slates are “slate and halves”. There’s one per row and they are only ever used on the ends of rows.

Standard 500m x 250mm Slate on the left.

Slate and half 500mm x 375mm Slate on the right.

Slate and Halfs cost more simply because they’re bigger. However, they are essential and will save you time in the long run, creating a professional finish faster.

remember that time is money“- Benjamin Franklin

Some situations require you to cut Slates

Slate and Halves are the recommended option to starting a row of slates but, in some instances, certain roofers may prefer to use a whole slate and cut it down the middle vertically and start the row using a “half slate”. This requires a lot more labour as each row will require a cut slate. This will increase the time it takes to finish the roof and also require skill to make sure each cut is identical. Professional roofers may use this option in situations where the existing roof isn’t square.

Always consult a professional roofer if you are uncertain with how to proceed.

What are Slate and Halfs?

A slate and half is the ideal solution if you want your roof perfect and straight.  Without worrying about having to measure and cut slates.

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What are Slate and Halfs? They are uniformity.


When using Slate and Halves, you can achieve a beautiful symmetrical roof that can be installed quickly and efficiently. Our most popular sizes are 500mm x 375mm click HERE to see an example in our shop. Also check out and subscribe to our Youtube channel to see video of finished roofs, click HERE