Free Slate Quantity Take Offs Services 

No Obligation quantity calculation from your Architectural Drawing

regardless of how complicated the roof is.

Free Slate Quantity Take Offs Services 

Calculating accurate slate quantities based off an architectural drawing is relatively difficult if you don’t have the calculations required. Premium Slates UK are experienced in working from Architectural drawings and can accurately calculate slate quantities. As well as recommend other roofing products such as ridge tiles and slate and halfs quantities.

Why you should choose us?

Our Free Take Offs Services are easy and quick

when calculating costs for a project it’s important to get quotes as accurately as possible. Our take off service allows you to get extremely close to the overall costs of slating a roof. Tailored specifically to your drawings for FREE.

Simply attach your scaled drawings to the form below and we will be in contact to discuss the results, quickly and efficiently.

Premium Slates UK stock over 1,000,000 natural roofing slates and are dedicated in helping you perfect your slate roof. 

Free Slate Quantity Take Offs Services FORM

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Attach up to three main images, this can be floor plan, roof plan or architectural drawings.

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