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We use the information below to generate multiple calculations simultaneously, please make sure the information provided is accurate,your location is critical in order to identify what slates and headlap is suitable for your property.

Once completed the calculator will outline:-

  • *Square Meterage of your Roof
  • *what size Slates you can use based of the Pitch & location
  • *A selection of slates we recomend in those sizes
  • *How many slates you will need specific to your choosen size
  • *How many Slate and Halfs you need
  • *How many Ridge tiles you will need
  • *what headlap is recommended based off the above

Please note, by completing the form above you are agreeing and accepting to have a basic account setup, this is simply so if you make a purchase, you will be able to view all the details within your account, the account is completely free and we do not share any of your data, you will also be automatically enrolled to receive our newsletter, if you wish to unsubscribe simply follow the instructions via your email. In the event you do not purchase and wish to have your account removed simply email us hello@premiumslatesuk.com or do it yourself via the dashboard.

*Disclaimer- the calculator used on premiumslatesuk.com is created using multiple databases and calculations and is designed to give you an indication of quantities needed for your project, the information you input will reflect its outcome entirely, we advise seeking professional advice when purchasing roofing slates to confirm the quantities required is correct, Premium Slates UK are not liable for any miscalculations made whilst using the calculator.

We base our recommendation of installers off their location in relation to your address and postcode, not of their quality of workmanship, Premium Slates UK are not liable of any works carried out by the recommended Installers or trades people listed.



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