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why join with us?

We supply high quality premium Roofing slates and accessories, as a joined member you will benefit from:

  • Competitive trade prices
  • special offers and promotions
  • FREE use of our “easy to use” Slate calculator
  • We promote your services locally and nationally through our calculator tool and trade locator map.
  • FREE take-off service, do you have a drawing? we will happily calculate how many slates you need and we will go through this in detail.
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how to apply

We offer three main packages for slate trade account agreement forms you to choose from

  • FREE Basic Package
  • Premiere Roofer, Installer Package
  • Premiere Architect, Builder, Developer Package

Currently all packages are FREE. We review membership pricing annually and we hold the right to introduce a charge in the future or continue to offer packages as a free service.

  • Premiere Packages – we will promote your company details on our trade locator Map and at the end of the Calculator tool, this will allow our customers to easily get in contact with you, and use your services.


To Apply, simply click the APPLY HERE button and then select which trade package relates to your business. Fill out your details and Apply.

We review your account application and we will approve or decline it with in 24 hours, contacting you to inform you of the account application and progress.

Once approved, we will forward our terms of service, update our trade locator map and database, you will then have full access to trade prices on all our products and services. 


*We currently only accept Pro-forma accounts and currently do not offer credit terms. All invoices must be paid in full before we dispatch your order.

*Trade accounts- when purchasing products and paying using our credit card services (stripe) you will be charged the 1.4% transaction fee, payment made via bank transfer wouldn’t include a fee and is the preferred payment method. 

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Slate trade account agreement form

Terms and conditions can be found HERE. Our Youtube channel is HERE.

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