Has A Storm Recently Damaged Your Roofing Slates? Here’s A Helpful Guide Of What To Do During A Storm Or Any Storm Damage

Storm Eunice and Franklin hit the North West hard recently, with winds reaching up to 90mph in some places. With the amber weather warning, residents were advised to stay indoors as much as possible and restrict any travel plans.

The strong winds caused damage to many properties, but what do you do if the wind has blown slates from your roof? What if your roof is damaged or needs repairing? Our experts are here to help and advise you in these situations, to keep you and your property safe during and after any storms.

Safely Assess the Damage To Your Roofing Slates

Safely and carefully look at your roof from the exterior and interior of your property. You will need to try to establish that any fallen tiles have indeed come from your property and not a neighbour’s roof. You won’t need to use a ladder to get up close, you can observe the extent of the damage from ground.

Try to Act Quickly To Prevent Further Storm Damage

Tiles are there to encourage water to flow effortlessly off your roof and into the gutter system. If water penetrates the wooden and fabric layers beneath the tiles, it can cause structural damage that can lead to major repair work being needed.

Although it’s best not to panic if you’re roof is damaged, you will still want to act quickly to prevent any serious damage from occurring.

Contact The Roofing Experts

Here at Premium Slates UK, we support both retail and trade customers equally, ensuring our slates are only installed by a competent, professional slate and roof installer. With decades of industry knowledge and expertise, we have fast become a leader in supplying roofing slates online.

If you want to find out more about how we can help in the event of a storm or any storm damage to your roofing slates, get in touch with our experts today by emailing hello@premiumslatesuk.com or calling us on 0161 549 9675.

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