What you need to know about Roofing Slates

Roofing slates are a natural building material that has been used for centuries. As a way to protect a building from nature’s elements. It is formed from metamorphic compression and is derived from layers of clay. What you need to know about Roofing Slates is fully covered in our slate buyers guide.

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When installed correctly a slate roof should outperform any man-made alternatives. Naturally, slates come in a huge range of different colours, textures, and Sizes. We offer a full guide to sizes and recommended headlap graphs. Check out sizes Here

What you need to know about Roofing Slates is that every roof is different in shape and size. Because of this, it’s difficult to give a one fit all answer. Do you have a project? are you looking for something unique? Do you need any help?. We are always here for you if you require support, we can provide calculations based on your architectural drawings. Recommend specific slates based on your location, and generally support you in your project. With decades of experience in the slate business, we will be able to help you regardless of the complexity of your roof.

Have you considered using our shaping service? check out our Page on Services to find out more

Why not check out our You tube channel for inspiration and see roofs being slated CLICK HERE

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