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Simply let one of our team members know or drop us an email, you are not obligated to use our service, there’s no hidden fees or contracts.

Again you are not under any obligation to use our products/services and we understand from time to time you may want a product we don’t offer, that’s completely fine. Feel free to use the recommended roofer service, it’s FREE to you regardless.

If you would prefer a alternative to the original roofer that’s been recommended please let us know privately by calling us or emailing us, we completely understand you want to right company installing your roof so feel comfortable knowing we will privately suggest an alternative roofer to you at no costs whatsoever.

Simply drop us an email on or give us a call, we will simply take you off the list of jobs requested and our network of roofers wont contact you any further. 

Although we work extremely hard to respond to every requested date/ time, it may be that the team may not be available due to unforeseen circumstances, if this happens we will make contact with you immediately and/or contact you the following day.