New slate roof costs 2021

New slate roof costs 2021

If your looking at building a New slate roof costs 2021. You have come to the right place, here we cover all aspects of costs related to installing natural roofing slates. 

Slate roof cost per m2

Natural roofing slate is becoming extremely desirable in the UK. This is down to it’s low environmental impact, durability, variety of colours, textures and prices. Overall in the UK you should expect to pay on average £30-60 per square metre.

However this price is an average and depending on your budget and preference you could easily pay less than the average or pay significantly more. As an example natural spanish slates such as Liso or Cafersa Lousaval are cost effective and extremely popular slates. Allowing you to get that professional finish and protection at a fraction of the costs of other alternatives. Such as natural welsh slate which is deemed the best roof slate you can buy.

How to work out how many roof slates per m2

To work out how many roof slates you need. Simply multiply the square metre coverage of slate by the size of your roof to give you an overall slate quantity. Don’t forget to add 5-10% for wastage and cuts.

There are four main sizes of slate which are the most popular. 500mm x 250mm (20″:10″), 600mm x 300mm (24″:12″), 450mm x 250mm (18″:10″), 400mm x 250mm (16″:10″).

  1. 500mm x 250mm (20″:10″) The most popular size slate, coverage is 20 slates per square metre (based on 100mm headlap).
  2. 600mm x 300mm (24″:12″) coverage is 13 slates per square metre (based on 100mm headlap).
  3. 450mm x 250mm (18″:10″) coverage is 23 slates per square metre (based on 100mm headlap)
  4. 400mm x 250mm (16″:10″). coverage is 27 slates per square metre (based on 100mm headlap)

As an example, say your roof is 142sq metres in size and you wanted to use 500mm x 250mm slates. It would be 142 x 20 = 2840 slates needed. Bare in mind this doesnt include things such as chimneys, skylights, dormers or velux windows. Add 10% to give a more realistic quantity.


How to calculate roof slate costs 

Using our example above of 142 square metre roof using 500mm x 250mm slates. Would equal 3124 roof slates needed approximately. You just simply times the quantity by the slate cost price. For example Cafersa Lousaval BEST is RRP £1.67 inc vat. 3124 x 1.67 = £5217.08 inc vat.

Obviously using this method of calculation you could easily work out which slates suit your budget.

Their are many other materials you will need to consider. Such as slate and half’s, which you will need one per row. Roofing copper nails or aluminium roofing nails and ridge tiles.

Other materials you will need is:-

  1. roofing membrane
  2. batons
  3. soffits/ barge boards/ guttering
  4. cement if your using wet ridge tiles.
  5. roofing lead

And finally the labour costs which can vary dramatically depending where you are in the UK, Some prefer an hourly rates such as £8-£16. whilst others prefer a completed job price. Speak to your local professional roofers to work out labour costs. Check out or Trade locator to find a roofer local to you or check out the National Federation of Roofing Contractors

What is the best natural roof slate

Welsh slate

Welsh slate is known to be the best. With a quarry guarantee of 100 years and Fully compliant under B.S. EN12326-1:2004 for W1, T1, S1. Available from both the CWT Y Bugail and Penrhyn quarries.

Cwt y bugail slates are known as dark blue/ grey and come in a variety of thickness and grades.

Penrhyn slates are known as heather blue and come in a variety of thickness and grades.

Spanish slate

Spanish slates are the most popular option due to their cost effectiveness in comparison to welsh slate. We supply three brands Liso, Cafersa Lousaval and Ferlosa.

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