How to calculate how many slates you need for a UK roof

It can be very daunting when you’re tasked with How to calculate how many slates you need for a UK roof. So with that in mind, we have tried to make it easy for you by creating a user-friendly slate roof calculator.


How to calculate how many slates you need for a UK roof

Calculating the size of a roof can be very difficult. Especially if you aren’t aware of all the parameters and calculations that are required to give you an accurate figure. Factors such as your location will have a huge impact on the “headlap” that will be required. You may also have to consider whether you’re in a conservation area?. Which means you are dictated to use specific slates only. The Pitch of your roof also plays a crucial part in determining what size slates you can use. It can all become over complicated.

Why worry yourself trying to work all these calculations out when you can simply use our calculator tool?. Simply let it do it all for you!. Fill out the information required, measure the width and length of your building add the required pitch, select which size slate you would like to use (500mm x 250mm is our most popular size). Then select out the choices which slate you prefer and just like that, the calculator will automatically tell you. How many slates you will need, how big your roof span is, what is the recommended headlap. If you fill in the length of the verge and length of the ridge it will also calculate how many ridge tiles and slate and Halves you will need. Don’t forget to add Roofing nails to your order to secure the slates.

Making ordering slates for your project simple and easy.

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